Alex is an important part of our team. We are happy to have him and appreciate all that he has to bring to our unit!

Hello my name is Alex Cifuno  I was born and raised in  Omaha Nebraska. I am a huge fan of the Huskers.  I enjoy having personal time and space. I have a  background in entrepreneurship and enjoy  fixing computer issues  because its an easy way to make  money. Also  computers will always  be around so there will always be high demand  for computer techs. I like to challenge myself  to stimulate my brain which helps me unveil new talents and new ways to   make more money. I like to watch television and relax when I have time to myself. During my personal time I often think about my next business move. Although I have some  limits I will never let them slow me down  and  define who I am.  Outterspace is the limit I will take all risks that are necessary to be successful.

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