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Common things occur during the process of building a successful business. It all starts with a good idea. The idea is only marketable if demand exists for the solution you offer. Making your first sale is a wonderful feeling, but if demand increases quickly beyond that moment, it can be overwhelming. That’s where I come in… Feeling your way through the steps for business planning and handling growth can be complicated. Let me be a helping hand to demystify the process and assist you in keeping focus through the journey so that you may empowered to complete all the things needed to ensure success.






Your Business!


Why you?

Some say a measure of a stable economy is health of small businesses. Now, more than ever, consumers crave to supporting small businesses over big-box brands and corporations. This is the perfect time to contribute to your local, regional, or national economy in a measurable way. Leverage your expertise and make an investment in your success. The work and diligence you contribute to the process will help yield results that will be lasting.  

Why me?

I have been in your position. I have created and nurtured my own business into a successful endeavor. I have also helped countless other through the process and realize their potential. My accolades are not just speaking points, but are an integral to my personal, and your success. I fully realize that business consultants can be very easy to find. However, my unique blend of first-hand knowledge, education and practice centered on efficacy of communicative strategies ensures that I not only effectively share knowledge with you, but also that I seek and identify your personal goals while I fine-tune my advice along the way.

Why it matters.

This is your investment. An investment is only an investment if you receive something of value. I fully recognize this fact, along with others to help you on your way to success. If you invest in my services, I will guide you in a way that helps you learn to rely on what you know to achieve a successful business. Keeping you aligned with your goals and helping to clarify the steps to achieve those goals will assist you to move into an appropriate direction as you follow through on your daily activities.  Though you will carry out the necessary activities to stay on track- I will help be a beacon through the process and we will celebrate your victories along the way… together.

Available Services

what we Offer

Obviously, consultants offer their services on an hourly basis. I am no exception; however, I know how very important it is to have an adequate estimate for your expenditures. If you are just starting out and want to make sure your next steps are worth your time and money, I recommend selecting one of my service packages. This will ensure that you have a solid start to your business building activities, without any unplanned consulting fees. From there, we can add time if needed, but my personal goal is to help you gain direction and professional autonomy with as little expense as possible.

A Fresh Start - Option A

This package is best designed for people who need to discuss a new concept. They know they have a good idea; they just don’t know what to do next. We can use our time to discuss testing, developing, and creating a business around the idea that get things off to a good start. There are many technical aspects of becoming a business that are technical in nature. I can help you navigate resources to file, develop, and create the infrastructure to support your new business.

The Next Chapter - Option B

You have a business, and are legally ‘in business”- Now what? This package is designed to assist people into a steadier pattern of growth by developing ideas around marketing, infrastructure and support of a business that desires to grow. We will discuss and develop an implementation strategy for tools that will take you to the next level- such as developing an internet presence, or adequate referral source for new clients, etc. The fact-finding exercises in this consulting package will ensure that you are intimately aware and engaged with your desired outcome. This will help us to create a path of measurable progress along the way.

The Ten Best - Option C

This option is best-suited for those that have unique needs, but are still looking to enjoy the value of package pricing. With this option, we sit down and choose from the many ways I can be of service. In most cases, the client manually chooses 5-8 items on their own, and I tend to complete their list with my suggested actions. Together, we compile a customized package to best suit the needs of a business that requires customized service

Concierge - Hourly

Occasionally, you simply need a helping hand to complete a very specific task, and nothing more. If that is so, hourly consulting fees may be the most affordable option for my services.

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